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Chicago is one of the great American cities and we are proud to call it our home. One of the City’s unique landscapes is the Chicago River that connects Lake Michigan to the City via a system of canals and tributaries that collectively span over 150 miles and eventually connect to the Mississippi River Basin. 

After the Chicago Fire in 1871, the city was carefully rebuilt into a grid but the Chicago River presented a beautiful architectural challenge – connecting an expanding City while allowing ships passageway through strategically important canals. The answer was Chicago’s famed Bascule (“Swing”) Bridges.

Lodi Ventures embraces this heritage as we work with both innovators and investors in healthcare to find uniquely beautiful solutions to a very complex market.  


ITSE Care is an online forum for patients to research, connect, and schedule appointments with healthcare providers. Its unique platform enables healthcare providers to independently market and serve their communities through the healthcare services that they provide.

Lodi Ventures is an investor in the Company, serves on the Board of Directors, and assists with governance and fundraising. 

Thomas Medical

Thomas Medical is a leader in manufacturing and distributing infertility diagnostic devices for the women’s healthcare sector. Throughout the globe, OB/GYNs, Reproductive Endocrinologists and Radiologists rely on the Company for consistent supply of high-quality medical devices. 

Lodi Ventures is an investor in Thomas Medical as well as provides managerial, commercial, and operational support.

Stealth Mode

Improper medical payments still exceed over $100 billion annually despite a broad range of technology and solutions available in the market.  The challenge is integrating evolving medical billing rules into a healthcare system with scalability.  The Stealth Mode Company relies on AI and machine learning to make the automation more flexible for administrators. 

Lodi Ventures is an investor as well as helping to raise additional funding and  leading the product launch. 

Berkeley Medevice - EXITED

Founded in 1981, Berkeley focused on manufacturing innovative surgical equipment that were essential to the supply chain in niche therapeutic categories at surgery centers and departments across the United States.  

Lodi Ventures provided the Company with investment and structured an asset sale to a strategic investor, providing the founders with a clean exit of their business.  

SHINE Technologies - EXITED

SHINE is a fusion technology company critical to the development and supply chain for radioisotopes.  Particularly Molybdenum – 99, and n.c.a. Lutecium – 177 are both essential in the field of nuclear medicine as a diagnostic and therapeutic, respectively.  The Company’s fusion technology has broader applications. SHINE”s mission is to solve global problems as a scalable path to practical fusion energy.  

Lodi Ventures was an investor as well as assisted with institutional fundraising and commercial operations. 

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