Changing the Healthcare Paradigm​

Who We Are

Lodi Ventures is a n early-stage Venture Capital firm based in Chicago
Long-term investment or making money with the right concepts. A business man putting coin on stack of coins on a table with growing graph on coins pile. Depicts a standing and stable investment.


Seed and Series A investments ranging from $100K to $500K as both lead and co-investors.


Operating Partnership

Extensive operating experience to advise entrepreneurs on strategy, commercialization, finance, supply chain, and governance.

Fundraising & Deal Structuring

Broad network to help companies prepare for their next financing round with a specialization on institutional capital

Our Philosophy

Lo • di \ˈlō-ˌdī\:  Lodi is the backward spelling of idol, an object of focus that is served and admired. Lodi Ventures captures this spirit, however, inversing the relationship to where the Fund supports and reveres those innovators that are working on developing a better healthcare ecosystem that improvs the lives of patients and lowers medical costs. We work closely with management teams, providing both capital and strategic advice, to ensure that their vision becomes a reality.

Often times many great ideas in healthcare are discarded as they are considered to lack structure, focus, or industry and operating experience.  Lodi Ventures was founded in 2018 after a group of investment professionals partnered with experienced operators to help entrepreneurs drive innovation in healthcare and truly make a change in the field for practitioners and their patients.  We help early-stage companies navigate challenges so that they can help achieve their potential.   

Investment Focus

Enterprise Technology

New, innovative, platforms in healthcare technology that disrupt the status quo and reduce pricing across the ecosystem

Services and Supply Chain

Business services that increase efficiency, operations, and transparency across the healthcare continuum


Innovative devices and diagnostics that improve the patient’s quality of care 


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Lodi Ventures. We always look forward to connecting with innovators and fellow investors.  Please feel free to fill out the contact form and our investor relations team will respond.